Publications using astroNN

  1. Deep learning of multi-element abundances from high-resolution spectroscopic data
    Henry W. Leung, Jo Bovy (2019)
    Original astroNN paper
  2. Dynamical heating across the Milky Way disc using APOGEE and Gaia
    J. Ted Mackereth, Jo Bovy, Henry W. Leung, et al. (2019)
    Use ApogeeBCNN to infer spectroscopic age
  3. Simultaneous calibration of spectro-photometric distances and the Gaia DR2 parallax zero-point offset with deep learning
    Henry W. Leung, Jo Bovy (2019)
    Use ApogeeDR14GaiaDR2BCNN to infer spectro-photometric distances
  4. Solar image denoising with convolutional neural networks
    C. J. Díaz Baso, J. de la Cruz Rodríguez, S. Danilovic (2019)