StarNet (arXiv:1709.09182)

class astroNN.models.apogee_models.StarNet2017[source]

To create StarNet, S. Fabbro et al. (2017) arXiv:1709.09182. astroNN implemented the exact architecture with default parameter same as StarNet paper


2017-Dec-23 - Written - Henry Leung (University of Toronto)

Inheritance diagram of astroNN.models.apogee_models.StarNet2017

StarNet2017 is a astroNN neural network implementation from the paper (arXiv:1709.09182), StarNet2017 is inherited from astroNN’s CNNBase class defined in astroNN.models.NeuralNetBases

You can create StarNet2017 via

from astroNN.models import StarNet2017
from astroNN.datasets import H5Loader

# And then create an object of StarNet2017 classs
starnet_net = StarNet2017()

# Load the train data from dataset first, x_train is spectra and y_train will be ASPCAP labels
loader = H5Loader('datasets.h5')
loader.load_err = False
x_train, y_train = loader.load()

# And then create an object of Convolutional Neural Network classs
starnet = StarNet2017()

# Set max_epochs to 10 for a quick result. You should train more epochs normally
starnet.max_epochs = 10
starnet.train(x_train, y_train)


Default hyperparameter is the same as the original StarNet paper